SMI (10-14-1981 / Baltimore)

On My Way Down I Thought Of Her

I spent so many years being invincible,
that I thought nothing could touch me when they put me in boots.

But God repossesed my wings
as I was pushed from the plane.

And on my way down...
...I thought of her

I cried as I told her
about the sacrifice I made.

And then she screamed
'Sacrifice, I'll show you sacrifice'

Four feet eleven and three quarters inches
of angry Italian stared into my soul

She showed me calluses and scars,
she showed me work worn hands.

She told me
'Never once did I tell you of my sacrifice'.

She said 'You better look at me,
I did not teach you sacrifice, I taught you honor'.

She always knew what to say
eventhough I knew she would never really say this.

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Love the view of you falling Stephen, and she sound delightful! lol Just hang on to her words and you will float to earth without a scratch too many! Tai