On My Way To Church [pass Me By Pt.2]

Beautiful sinner, publican, Ugly gentleman
All that I am
But where do you sit as judge
In unrighteousness you don’t budge
On this walk I take
As you pass me by
The fool speak everything in his heart
In the production you play no part
I let it pass me by
Why let yourself be absorbed with anger
When they’re walking around free
This imprudence also passes me
We can’t ask questions
If we’re not willing to answer any
This too passes me by
In church high as kite
Only rooftop canceling the flight
In the heat of the night
Seconds away from combustion and flames
Baptize ‘em in Jesus’ name
Here now – Too much to let pass
Wives of saints we seek
Supposed to be Holy and meek
After service can’t wait to peek
But our own we shelve
And minister rocks it up on the raft
While increasing in Christ
Pastor preaches the news
Poisoned are the pews
Daughters are exposed
Babies making babies
Men of God or Men of man
Sinners now question faith
How wide is the path?
How narrow doth it be?
If the children sin who are we?
Heaven or Hell, which shall be?
Blind leading the blind
I step outside the house of our King
Into a Blood Zone
And the church they pass it right by
No need to ask why
Not even leading by
We must come correct
Then disconnect
From the lust of the world
To pass it by

by Kendrick Johnson

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Excellent, on my favpoems list... thanx, now i can explain this 2 people in words