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I shall watch you as we run,
just to ensure
you will be
next to me,
not fall behind,
and when we get
down to the sea
we halt our steps
and face
like happy birds,
we peck
and kiss
and pirouette
just for a while,
you whisper
and I lend
to you both ears,
to catch it all,
the sun
now free of clouds,
burns mercifully
and we sweat,
I cannot wait
I want it all,
to lick it off
each lovely inch of skin,
I must be close to you,
so very close my love,
until we melt
like Ikarus
and lose our flesh,
then rise from ashes
to new heights,
a union forged
by universal laws.
I cannot know
the plans
of destiny,
I shall be here
or anywhere
for you,
and when we are,
at last
then of a mind
my arms will
briefly wave
and then,
with gentle care,
wrap tightly
'round you
as to tell you,
you must stay.

by Herbert Nehrlich

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