I hear the thunder roll in the distance,
As I put my arms around you,
I kiss your lips in the darkness,
As the lightning crashes miles away, sending out brilliant hues,

Time has no place here,
An illuminating time clock,
Show a superficial number I care not about now,
As the storm draws nearer and the windows lightly shake and rock,

Lightning shadows the darkness for a second maybe two,
And once again silence reveals nothing, as our hearts beat as one,
Your body curled next to mine,
Our dreams born to run,

Bound inside darkness,
As the storm rages outside, time has no asset,
Until the sunrise comes and the day turns to light,
Our bodies softly melt,

Lightning flashes, thunder rolls,
I just squeeze you close to me tighter,
Not in fear but love and desire,
As the dawn begins to show first light...

by Stacy Daley

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