On Painting

Here's a brief piece on paintings.
Paintings straighten out one's thinking
I think it's measured lines like poetry

That restore things to their former glory
They are to be treasured, for another thousand
Years! It's because their sentiments are

Had by all, they are universal, a rave
They're not, but I won't go on, and on, and on
About them. They've taken place of my sense

Of reflection but they give us thoughts
About what that past was in the first place
Some of the paintings remind me of a particular

Face, the same fondness for characters
And the type of people I know. Our relationship
With the world, extends to these paintings

In their affinity and likeness to ourselves
They are the type of person some people painted
Them in the past and whose manners and

Gestures I can really imitate and that's
What's so cool, from the paintings comes a lot
Of history, a lot of geography, a lot of landscapes

Of scenes and movement. A lot of satire,
A lot of character reading, a whole lot
Of character reading the actual fact.

by Zubyre Parvez

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