SP (26-12-73 / india)

On Poem Hunter

I find it irresistibly captivating
the notion of men and women
huddled together under a huge umbrella
I mean, poetry, you silly
that removes the strangeness among strangers
the wonder weaving word
put to the order of each idiosyncratic mind
to tell a different story
which is told each time differently.

I can't stop being amazed
at what words can do
all those is, was and ass
as simple as they sound
conveys each time a different sound
the wonder of it all
confouds my confusion
leaving me nonplussed
perplexed and vexed.

Yet I plod on for the joy is infinite
when I know of someone who read
thought it fit to comment
or leave a note instead
perhaps felt it better to rate
but the joy ah! the joy
it gives is unexplainable.

by sreelekha premjit

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nicely worded good poem......