........ On Poetry

Poem By Valerie Dohren

Such princely and linguistic feats
As penned by Shelley, Byron, Keats
Though rich and eloquently grand
Are oft` too deep to understand

Their thoughts expressed through poetry
In prose or perfect symmetry
Bewilder yet this humble mind
Their meaning, hidden, still to find

So if ungilded words convey
Each message that they would portray
Then simple verses should reveal
The inspiration that I feel

And thus may every scholar read
Between each line, their hearts to feed,
Unfolding there in simple style
This heart`s endeavour to beguile

Comments about ........ On Poetry

Simply beautiful and magnificent. So lovingly written. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this from start to finish. I see warm, welcome echoes in your poems Valerie of my favourite poet and her name is Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Thank you so much for writing and sharing this sparkling gem. Rated 10++ and added your good self and this poem to my favourite poets and poems list. I thank you again and take care.
Then simple verses should reveal The inspiration that I feel....a thoughtful poem, I agree with your thoughts.
Great work and great effort
Humbly bow's in the general direction of your hearts poetic wisdom.
Amen! I think the gap comes as a function of the colloquial speech of our separate times but more so of the romantic period's insistence on the use of form. (Exquisite poem btw...) Not only are they using words that are either unfamiliar to us - several generations removed - or also those which have changed informal meaning - but they are stuffing them into boxes to make them conform to some (imo) random constraints of some poetic form or another. It is hard enough to decipher our own contemporary poets when squeezing words to fit let alone someone from two centuries ago. But I will agree that their poetry is most beautiful - even if some of their personalities were not....

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