On Public Display And In Constant View

They would love to keep defended,
Secret wishes...
To hide acts of blatant racistness!
With proclamations that none exists.
But it does!
And is present in everything they do.
From their creation of a homelessness that is seen.
To depictions of what beauty is...
From a media they control,
To inflict images on TV screens.

To the decadence pursued on public display,
And in constant view everyday!
With a use of these delusions...
To instill their rights of usurping foreign lands.
With a pretense a delivery is done,
Innocent with diplomatic intentions.
And based upon democratic appetites...
Hungered by everyone.

Which upon their own home turf...
Doesn't seem to be working.
No matter how close those ethnic ties.
Or the juicy sweetness dripping...
From those addicted to the spreading of deceit.
Or the ducumenting of new and fed lies!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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