(04 October 1943 / Germany)

On Racism

There once was a scruffy old pig,
he loved wearing his barrister's wig.
Made from hair of a mare
it had style and much flair
and it made his square head look quite big.

He would walk in the forest to find
any critter equipped with a mind.
The he'd lecture on law
and the evil he saw
and how so many critters were blind.

It was wrong for the rabbit to claim
that the fox was a bastard in name.
And the hawk did object
to the great disrespect
that the mice showed as part of the game.

There were horses of course, some were white,
others brown and of different height.
And the birds, oh dear God,
some where certainly odd
there were glow worms that lit up the night.

Well, the pig wore his lipstick in pink,
he had found that it helped him to think.
In the end he surmised
that they all were disguised
and that some went as far as to wink.

So he preached to the not yet converted
that a real and truly concerted,
and big effort was due
to correct this snafu,
and that racists were really perverted.

'Just a moment, ' a voice was now heard,
' I am an owl, and a very wise bird,
God gave ears, eyes and nose
to us, don't you suppose
that your stance, Mr. Pig is absurd? '

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