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On Reading Callanan's 'the Recluse Of Inchydoney'

The poem 'The Recluse Of Inchydoney' of years has lived a two centuries span
Written by a famous County Cork poet his name Was J J Callanan
He died in his early thirties in Lisbon in Portugal where he had gone for health mending sunshine
As a poet and a gaelic translator one of the last of the true bardic line

His immortal poem 'Gougane Barra' i loved even as a schoolboy
The music in his rhyming verses a thing of beauty to read and enjoy
He was a person who loved Nature his poems on them do not have a use by date
Inspired by his Cork rural surroundings such beauty in words he did create

Since he died in 1829 many Seasons in time have gone
The beauty in his words is living and his legend in death living on
In the World now many not like him and perhaps none in Cork or Cork County today
Even in his time true bards were not many and that does seem a fair thing to say

On reading Callanan's 'The Recluse Of Inchydoney' it took me to places far away
To Clara and to Caherbarnagh places i loved in a bygone day
The poet who died and was buried in Lisbon in Portugal in the year of eighteen twenty nine
Where he had gone for warmer weather in hope of health mending sunshine.

by Francis Duggan

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