A Soldier's Tale

It was after the fight one autumn night
In the German town of Maine
When a couple of wounded Englishmen
Emerged from a country lane

They staggered over a stony bridge
To rest themselves for the night
And looked across a muddy field
And there - they saw a light

They made their way towards the light
But felt so insecure
And found themselves at the edge of town
Where there was a barn filled with straw

The only thing there was a risk
And there might be Germans there
So they moved themselves out of the barn
And moved with extreme care

They came across a tiny church
That had a dark oak wooden door
The soldiers knocked and knocked so very hard
They collapsed upon the floor

An old priest opened the door
and found them lying in the street
He fetched then in and healed their wounds
And bathed their tired feet

They told him of their fight to the death
And how the brave men died in vain
Tears came to the old priest's eyes
And his heart was filled with pain

He gave the soldiers soup and bread
With a little home-made wine
You can settle here for the rest of the night
As they won't attack this shrine

It was early morning when the SS came
With the murderous Colonel Von Meir
He seized the old priest roughly
You've been sheltering British Here

I shelter all - the old priest said
The ill the lame the poor
For this Place of God has always been
A house with an open door

He dragged the priest into the courtyard
And knelt him by the tree
The colonel shot him in the head
And the good lord set him free

We bless the time when war will end
And the world will be set free
And all our soldiers come back home
with smiles and their hearts filled with glee

God Bless you All

by stanley turney

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