On Separate Journeys

I feel softened!
And embedded deep!
Bolted to an awareness...
Of those despairs I've known.
But believed convincingly,
My travels alone would harden.

And as I grew...
I knew this was not so.
A movement forward,
Expanded my vision.
And I wilfully became prisoner...
Of wisdom and curiosity.
Forcing me to experience,
With blemishes and flaws...
To grow.

Every step I took,
Would further chip away...
A protective shell.
A cell with its door unlocked.
To pursue unstopped.

My observations made me more the servant,
Of my sensitivities.
Unblocked by exploration.
And caring less...
Those discreeted sensitivities,
Would become more addressed...
To show publicly.

With a freedom to express them,
Freed I would be!

And although slowly...
A healing proceeded,
From those scars and internal agonies...
I carried as if treasured gifts!

I am there.
It seems...
Feeling a collective retrospective,
That has me feeling whole!

Pieced together by tears once shed.

I am there.
It seems...
With a happiness to share,
And spare.

More affected in an acceptance,
Of all humanity.
Freed I would be!
With a happiness to share,
And spare.

With a wish I can reach and touch,
My brothers and sisters I love so much.
With an awakened respect.
No longer neglected!

I am there.
It seems...

But how?
How can this activity be done affectively?
When everyone, it seems...
Perceives they are on separate journeys.

And all paths that eventually cross...
Leads us to the same destiny!

One that fulfills and enriches our lives,
With eyes unclouded...
And opened wide!

I am there.
It seems...
Reflective in a protective,

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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