With soft footsteps,
the morning came
and wake me up
I looked at her.
she was looking so fresh,
with small dew drops,
scattered over her body.
she was looking so beautiful,
with the reddish sunlight
reflected on her.
Her eyes were beaming-
with giggling dreams,
that makes me thrilled and excited
With lots of-
hopes and aspirations,
I started climbing-
steps after steps,
to achieve my dreams.,
During the journey
I could not marked
when her figure changed,
from a glowing beauty-
to a pale faded shadow
and within twinkle of an eye,
before I could understand anything,
that shadow also vanished
from my sight.
And all my dreams
remained in halfway.

by manaswini dash

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Thankyou for your great contribution excellent poem and thanks for sharing
nice bro r these alll poem are original
A great tribute from one great poet to another great poet. Dear son of memory, great heir of Fame, What need'st thou such weak witnes of thy name? Brilliant!
Such skill of crafting ideas with masked words really much precious for the poets to learn to be aflamed with brilliancy and beauty.
Excellent write John! Thanks for sharing! You might want to take a look at my poem 'Shit Happens'. (Just joking, actually. Thought I'd poke a little fun on, well, no one in particular... OK, perhaps those who never waste a chance to invite the likes of John Milton, William Shakespeare and other DECEASED heavyweights to check out their own poems. But on a lighter note, and borrowing an expression from our resident poet Bri Edwards: HEE-HEE!
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