JR (22 September / London)

On Stream - From Sunken Spring Source Into Rising Sun

From sunken spring source into rising sun
Nature transforms perspectives, inner eye
flows through holistic channels, once begun
soft symphonies share song, Time’s wrong defy.
Blossom spri[n]gs as h[e]aven's current stream
bubble bead wreaths ringing rainbow bridge
which links east's ‘floating world’ to western dream,
white light transmuting, muting urge to fidge.
How many times may readers full of care
read, bookmark, learn, digest each sound profound,
speed, look, hark, yearn, ingest, reach round despair,
to feed from inspiration’s hallowed ground.
Encounter unforeseen weaves sunlit leaves
rock scene switches, pastures green believes …

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‘floating world’ linking into first line 'rising sun' juxtaposes nature with http: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floating_world

See also rewritten as an acrostic sonnet

FAIR garden blossoms through trust's rising sun
Uniquely satisfying inner eye
Nature's weave worlds, thriving, merge as one
Twin[n]ed symphonies of song, Time’s drum defy.
A cherry blossom spri[n]gs as h[e]aven stream
Neath rainbow bloom beads whose bouquet may bridge,

Graft, eastern ‘floating world’ to western dream,
Light bright transmuting, muting urge to fidge.
Extended gardens conquer care, wear, tear.
Digest, ingest each sound shade tone profound,
Pause, look and learn, yearn not, reach round despair -
One gleans joy harvesting rich hallowed ground.
Encounters unforeseen weave sunlit leaves,
TRY framing scene which pastures green believes …

27 April 2008

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