On Substance Abuse

Give up all drugs, you must,
Your Wife, she needs you first;
Children, you have to fend;
Give up your drugs, my friend.

A doctor too, you are,
With drugs, you are unfair;
To risk your body’s health,
Which is your only wealth.

Cut then, your habit soon;
Before, one day you swoon;
Whether bride or bridegroom,
It can bring you to doom.

Listen to me my friend;
A drug is a fiend;
You shan’t be too selfish;
By taking drugs you wish.

‘Tis time you must well halt;
If not, ‘twill be your fault;
Give up your drugs and live;
Or else, God won’t forgive.

Your life is too precious;
You must be much conscious;
Drugs can just give some joy;
You can’t always enjoy.

All men are imperfect;
Some born with some defect;
You must safeguard your life;
For children’s sake and wife.

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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