On That Night

Do you believe in what's right, will you hold my hand on that night?
The night of the death, when I take my last breath
I know the time is soon, take my place with the man in the moon
Know one thing about this rhyme, it is not I that will kill my time

Understanding and Strength is my power, I'll be in heaven in the midnight hour
Sing a song and remember thy name, for it is not you who should feel the blame
Life is filled with could of beens, forgive thyself for all the sins
When it's time for me it will be pure, at heaven's gate open thy door

When it's time to forever shine, I shall drink the glass of wine
When it's time to go I know it's right, my beliefs will be felt on that night
Sell my soul to the devil was a thought, doing what's right is all that I was taught
Stand up and face your fear, have the courage to shed a tear

Man or woman, boy or girl, I shall return to this world
Breeze on the tree, you'll know it is me
Snowflake on your head, you'll know it's my spirit that is not dead
Cloudy day and you feel the rain, know it's me too wash away your pain

Sunny day as you hear the wave, know it's me, say Thank you and I love you Dave
For I will pass on that night, believing in what's right
Good outweighs the bad, forever smile do not feel sad
New testament; the eleventh commandment, hell has met it's match I'm heaven sent

See my wings and inner light, I shall be forever with you on that night
Visit my grave if you must, know it was love and not sinful lust
Close your eyes and hear the birds, they're singing can you hear their words?

Love, trust, faith, hope, care, honest, strength, belief, is the greatest of all powers.....Flesh and bone may be gone, but my soul will continue on for hours and hours

Look to the sky, you may still wonder why
Just remember the night, where I stood for what's right

by Dave Shemeley

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