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On The Approach Of Autumn
(12 November 1769 – 2 December 1853 / Norwich)

On The Approach Of Autumn

Poem By Amelia Opie

Farewell gay Summer! now the changing wind
That Autumn brings commands thee to retreat;
It fades the roses which thy temples bind,
And the green sandals which adorn thy feet.

Now flies with thee the walk at eventide,
That favouring hour to rapt enthusiasts dear;
When most they love to seek the mountain side,
And mark the pomp of twilight hastening near.

Then fairy forms around the poet throng,
On every cloud a glowing charm he sees....
Sweet Evening, these delights to thee belong:....
But now, alas! comes Autumn's chilling breeze,
And early Night, attendant on its sway,
Bears in her envious veil sweet Fancy's hour away.

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I am sorry to hear she lived in a climate wherein autumn kills off the roses. Where I live the roses awake after a dry hot summer and bloom with brilliant abandon through the fall and early winter. Autumn is lovely in my neck of the woods as I hope it is for the majority of the readers here