On The Backrest Of A Wave

Poem By Mohammad Mohi Uddin

Sitting on a gigantic wave's back of an ocean,
Tied up the friendship with dreams.
I was about to fall off from the backrest of ripple but didn't I,
Them stars; together beckonedin the distant high.

With the smiling flow of red and blue fairies,
Limbs were rocking in the lunatic wind of dreams.
Them dreams were glazing evermore; as if the face was artistry,
Ambit also enhanced from one to one set,
As far as eyesight reached so far looked through steadfast,
There wasn't any kind of social customary overlay.

In the lap of another visible faraway wave;
Some adolescents were reveling with colorful thought.
I visualised blushful craft on a girl's underlip,
And navigated nightlong for a glance with ravenous eagerness.

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