On The Backs Of Those Downtrodden

Fearing a redistribution of wealth,
Should be the least of one's priorities.
What wealth and whose is on the line?
The thieves have depleted,
A once robust economy!
And those who need to serve time...
Are friends of those,
Who committed such crimes.

Those who preach about their selfishness...
Could care less how they stuffed their treasure chests.
And none of them did it honestly.
On the backs of those downtrodden...
They award themselves handsomely.
With desires to continue...
To strip others bare to feed their gluttony.

And campaign against those who struggle.
Those who suffer.
While the leechers gleefully...
Enjoy the endorsing,
Of those bleeding!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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a powerful poem plesae send this to the NEW YORK TIMES good work