On The Backs They Ride

Anyone who has inherited,
A privileged life to live...
Without coming into contact,
To know the meaning of sacrifice.
Or what that is like.
Can never say to those,
On the backs they ride...
That a weight to carry burdens,
And loads on shoulders...
They too experienced.
Since those they knew,
In exclusive private schools...
Had chauffeurs who were alcoholics.
And others like themselves,
Became heartbroken to discover...
Many living in the inner cities,
Actually worked to survive.
And were not all illiterate,
Or pretending to be.
To gain sympathy and welfare checks.

'I can't imagine,
Being that emotionally devastated.'

-That's why I understand more,
How you may have days...
When you resent,
My asking you to brush the dust...
Off my shoes.
While carrying me on your back,
To do so much more than that.-

You do understand the disparities.
And the multitude of inequalities,
Everyday I have to face? '

I can't say I will ever understand.
But what I can do to prioritize,
Is to show to you more empathy...
The next time it rains.-

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Usually Lawrence, Those whom inherent what other's have worked for, don't keep it very long, such have I seen.. excellent write of course.. iip