On The Bandwagon

Try to get along with others.
At least 'pretend' a respect is given,
If an opinion expressed...
Is different from your own.
It is best not to argue especially if you're right.
Let that opinion be addressed do not fight.

Those quick to jump on a bandwagon,
Without validating evidence...
If inspired whispers heard are worth the trip.
And from where they sit,
May find it too late to escape the ride.
Propelled by those who gossip with false lips.

'Why are they looking at us that way? '

~It's difficult to explain.
But never again will I attempt to MAKE,
Someone not ready with patience to comprehend...
That another's opinion given to them,
Is based upon lies and not the truth.
So I've decided not to allow myself to get into a dispute.~

'And on the bandwagon together they ride?
Making faces at us and not that cliff in their view.
What do think it is we should do? '

~Just wave.
There may be some survivors.
Hopefully they will remember us as being cordial.~

They are giving us the 'finger'.
All of them now.'

~Just wave.
There may be some survivors.
They will be the ones to remember us as being cordial.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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