MA (March 27,1951 / India)

The Little Cripple

Hoppity Hop with a
Stick thin withered leg,
Lucks dice threw the grip
From the feline’s jaw.

You tiny little wonder bird
Life’s chores must be done,
As cornflakes crunch in well worn teeth
The realty show has begun.

French windows herald soft green lawn
Merging to lake beyond,
Mullet play the leaping game,
As osprey view the same.

Natures hand laid the sweeping paddock
Feeding stock bended by,
Gentle hills rise majestic touching
The iced curtained sky.

Delight fills the pleasure zone
As wiggled morsel seen,
For one steadied leg helps the beak
To pull it from the green.

Mate’s eyes watch your back
As you fly off to your nest,
For your little chirrup chirrup babes
Nothing but the best.

The seasons pass and winter ends,
Its spring again and I don’t see
You little wonder bird,
But some paths just have to be

I know you’ve flown away today
I saw you in the clouds,
I know you won’t fly back again
For angels just sung out loud.

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mankind propagates mad with memories.............
we live in memories...of past present and future too, Mamta...our names will survive in others memories...especially of our kith and kiln...and of our beloved ones good work...very much personal but philosophic...10