On The Bart (Revision)

Oh, to be a stranger in a strange city,
travelling with no destination,
at home inside myself
and looking, looking.

I don't know what I'd be looking for—
my eyes, my eyes,
the hills in the distance and white buildings
helping me find them, just like today.

A bay and a clear sky and a few palms,
people speaking some language I don't know,
but friendly, and a few I can talk to,
or maybe learning their language this time.

Oh, to be a stranger,
arriving for the first time
in the unknown
city of my own thoughts.

by Max Reif

Comments (2)

The thoughts of a poet can go anywhere, Max. I really like this one. Raynette
(a comment from the earlier version of this) Amberlee Carter (2/20/2006 9: 35: 00 PM) brilliant ending in this one...Loved the entire piece, but the ending was most powerful...Pen on poet! Always, Amberlee