*** On The Beach

Please don't tie me up in a relation,
please don't ask me silly questions,
please don't take away me freedom,
please don't sweet talk,
i know without you I'd have to walk.
Please don't buy me flowers,
please don't light up like a tower,
please don't make promises,
please don't make my heart who misses,
fake hugs and fake kisses,
please get out of my life when it's all over,
please don't look for me like a rover,
please don't let me be your lover,
please don't get emotional,
i won't cry coz i am rational,
please don't look like i betrayed you,
who said i ever loved you? ,
please don't try to negotiate,
please stop pretending and don't agitate,
please don't take my heart away,
please let the sand slip away,
please don't behave like a leech,
am only asking for *** on the beach.

by rinki nandy

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Comments (4)

beautifully penned. Loved it.
Very Very good poem.
Too much grammatical mistakes, too much even for poetic license...! ! ! ! Last line is an anti-climax and suggesting something that hits below. But try your hands. One day you will write surely good poetrry..with so much emotions bubbling within you...
Volleys of ‘Please don’t…’ Jilts…disappointments…discord…? ‘‘am only asking for *** on the beach’.’ These *** speak much…what is that? Enigmatic…! ! What is that 3 lettered word? Poet doesn't want anything but asking on the beach why but? 10+. Ms. Nivedita UK,