On The Beach

On that beautiful afternoon in autumn,
holding hands we walked on the beach,
with our hearts beating in unison.

The strong chilly wind breeze,
made us huddle close to each other at ease.

The waves of surf ever creeping close to us,
brought the feeling of endless love between us.

The beauty of seamless blue sky over the horizon,
lifted our joyous spirits high over the endless ocean.

The pebbles and shell we gathered,
became the relics of romantic moments we shared.

The flirtations and little twirl dances we did on the sand,
brought our body and soul together hand in hand.

We thought we would never part from the beach,
but the fading red glow of setting sun,
reminded us that in life and nature,
all of us do part from things we love and cherish.

by Jay P Narain

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