AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

On The Bean

I need neither pure love, nor intense hate
Days, followed by nightmares are sudden death
Every day inside my broken aching heart
There's a dead-end, bordering with a start

I'm oxtgen addicted, but cannot breathe
Has anybody in store some kingdom weed?
You're aiming for the sky, but see no star
Our galaxy's in the misrule, being too far

What if we choose today to go for broke?
Will you prove that you ain't such a wet sock?
Are you really ready to fight with fire?
You can play freeze-out with my burning desire

Your hooks are made not only for grabbing
You're alive as long as your heart's throbbing
I'm a very up front guy and it's my worst sin
I guess, I was born just right on the bean

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