The Exit Of A Great Woman

Like a colossus you stormed the earth,
Leaving giant footprints on the sand of time,
Too soon the heavens took your breath,
The song of your death, we hate to mime.

The thorn of anguish has pierced our hearts,
And the tears of loss will not stop raining from our eyes;
The harp of consolation only plays discordant tunes;
And the words of hope falls on deaf ears.

Our grief is boundless,
And our wailing is loud;
Life has dealt us painful blows,
And we are forced to weep aloud.

We will miss you through and through;
We will bless you more and more;
We hate to believe this to be true,
That you have vanished for evermore!

In Blessed Memory of a Wonderful Colleague: Mrs Blessing Okafor.

by Frank Adie

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