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On The Booing Of Adam Goodes

The booing of famous A F L footballer and former Australian of the year Adam Goodes a moment of Australian shame
Just racism in the name of sport for want of a better name
By a crowd of racist yobbos who will never know of fame
But for the bad behavior of a loutish minority a whole Nation of people not to blame

A two time Brownlow Medalist and champion indigenous person and a champion in every way
Adam Goodes deserves far better than being treated in this way it would be true to say
To the football barracking mob who booed Adam Goodes sheer ignorance is bliss
The point in a fair go for all their sort always seem to miss

Anyone part of the mob in the booing of Adam Goodes have nothing of to feel proud
Football louts are only brave when part of the rabble crowd
When with their foul mouthed racist friends they feel greatly empowered
But the mob member outside of the mob is usually a coward

Any of the mob in the booing of Adam Goodes of fame of will never know
Like roosters in the fowl shed among their flock they crow
All of this is in the past and the past forever gone
And long after their sort are forgotten Adam Goodes name will live on.

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