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On The Boys And Girls I Went To School With

Some of them live in and near Millstreet yet and some from Duhallow far away
And in Mother Earth's bosom some of them forever lay
Some of them ageing naturally and some with dye cover their gray
The boys and girls I grew up with where might they be today
We laughed and played together in the school yard far away
But like the poet Longfellow said 'It is not always May'
The years went by so quickly time for us did not wait
And we are fast approaching our dreaded use by date
Any of the boys and girls I went to school with I may not see again
And only memories of them with me now does remain
We laughed and played together in the school yard years ago
In Millstreet Town in view of Clara hill near where Finnow waters flow
On it's way to the Blackwater on through North Cork to the sea
And though the past has gone forever memories of it remain with me.

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