ND (19, April,1951 / kalubovila East, Sri Lanka)

On The Breadline

In the baked dough of flour, water and yeast
they were chatting merrily while baking.
The robust baker listens; ' flour said' I was in a big field
and then after the crop they took me to a mill and they grind.
Water laughed and said' I don't know where I have come from? '.
Yeast said 'I was a fungus dear; not only in the bakery
in the brewery too a good demand for us.
I heard that they make bread, cake and so many varieties out of us.
Our price goes high everyday and a poor cannot afford.'
History says; Marie.Antoinette said to the poor
'if you cannot eat bread then why don't you try cake? '
And the following day they invaded the fortress Bastile.

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Dear Nimal I agree with Sandra, she seems to have said it all This is very wise and very enjoyable Love duncan X
There is physical poverty and there is poverty of the spirit. The queen of France suffered from the latter condition.. Her careless words became the rallying cry for war and in the end cost her her own life. Words are very powerful. Thank you for speaking some silent poetry on behalf of those who have only a small voice to speak for themselves. Sandra
A very clever piece with a very interesting title. Susie.