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On The British Royal Wedding

For any poor person what's to celebrate
Of the British Royal wedding of William and Kate
Just royal propaganda that and nothing more
Such stuff i have heard of and seen far too often before.

In a Human World where millions do live in extreme poverty
This all seems a bit of a beat up to me
Though of William and Kate i have no ill to say
Since there is nothing to dislike about them in any way.

Royalists Worldwide the praises of this wedding does sing
As if royalty is humanity's most wonderful thing
On celebrating privilege by birth they are celebrating human inequality
Though with what i write of here many may not agree

I am not into over the top pomp and ceremony
So i did not watch the Royal Wedding in England on t v
To me a poor reflection on humanity sad am i to say
In a World where thousands of people are dying of hunger every day.

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