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On The Brush Tail Possums In The Backyard

Most wild born creatures when they see humans disappear from sight
But in the backyard i put out slices of apples for possums every night
They try to climb up my pants as if i were an apple tree
As a source of food they only see me
Quite big brush tail possums as big as a cat
They thrive well on apples they look sleek and fat
They fight among each other but me they ignore
Perhaps to them i am a mobile apple tree that and nothing more
On the galvanize roof i hear the males fighting at night
The strongest male rules the territory as well as the right
To mate with the females his genes to pass on
His d n a lives when the life from him gone
Most wild born creatures do run or fly off when humans to them come near
But the brush tail possums in the backyard of me hold no fear.

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