On The Butt Kiss List

On the 'Butt Kiss' List...
Many are now finding,
Their time invested misplaced.
Saddened faces fallen from grace,
With 'perks' of these actions gone!

'What went wrong? '

Happy songs once sung...
Now follow them with the blues.
Bad news is all they hear!
And it obvious and clear...
Easy days with comforts lost,
Are being challenged by borders crossed...
By those who now demand they get attention.

Threats of lifestyles damaged no longer mentioned.
And interests of those protected...
Are neglected by 'fat cats' with big cigars.
Stuffing pockets with embezzled cash!
Ruining lives before they dash fast.

And memories of turned up snob noses...
Embarrasses those who wear tattered egos,
And second hand clothes.
As they discreetly greet,
Poverty face to face on urban streets.
While listening to newscasters declare and say,
How better off today things are than anytime yesterday!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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