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On The Chinese Cemetery At Vaughan

The lure of gold brought them from a Land far away
And in unmarked graves in Vaughan their remains do lay
Far from China they lived their last night and day
In our destiny in life we do not have a say

The lure of gold brought them south to the dry countryside
But no history of how they lived or of how they died
Their humble resting mounds of earth not a cause for humanity's pride
In the ground where they lay many secrets do hide

How brave of them to come from their far away Land
To where none their language or ways or culture did understand
To be anonymous in death it is such a sad thing
Yet for their sense of adventure and courage their praises i feel obliged for to sing

In Vaughan in Central Victoria under brown earth and white clay
The remains of the anonymous Chinese miners do lay
And sad to think that the stories of their lives will never be told
These adventurous and courageous fellow who risked all in coming far south for gold.

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