On The Concept Of Time

I don't know if time passes or not,
Or if it all comes together with spontaneity.
And though we think we are living-
Sequential lives,
It could just be our minds.
And I wonder if I met you,
Before or after I was born;
Or if I missed you when I was younger,
The cause for emptiness and pain.
Or if the reasons that I used to cry
Were all dedicated to this moment,
Where you break me.
Because I'm sure it takes a
Lifetime to get over this pain.
I'm sure by 75, I won't be over it.
Or maybe I already died,
Heartbroken and ashamed
And just don't know it.
I wonder if we are eternal
And our time never ends,
When we die, we rise up
And we do it again.

by author unknown

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