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On The Corella Scaring In Koroit

A few evening a week Moyne Shire Council use their bird scarers to scare long billed corellas out of Koroit Town
At least twenty loud bangs sometimes nearer to thirty in the fading twilight just after sundown
The corellas fly from the tall trees making quite a racket the evening sky full of their loud frightened cries
But this is not the last time Koroitians see or hear the corellas which hardly does come at any great surprise
When darkness has fallen the wily corellas back again into old Koroit Town do fly
As they return to their roosting trees they do sound rather noisy at least one hundred of them calling in the dark sky
They know that at at night that there are no bird scaring loud bangs from their roosting trees in Koroit they will not be driven away
Long billed corellas are creatures of habit and old habits are hard to break as they do say
Some Koroitians complain the corellas are noisy so the Shire Council of course compelled for to act
But it takes more than ten minutes of loud bangs to make birds change their roosting habits old habits hard to change this is a fact
Long before Koroit Town there were corellas they have been in the south western countryside long before the Dreamtime
To be territorial and noisy in their roosting habits amongst creatures of Nature can never be a crime
There will always be corellas in Koroit the big white parrots in their home territory will always stay
The loud bird scaring guns may cause them to scatter but in darkness back to their roosting trees they make their way.

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