On The Cross

born for a purpose,
he held to his course.
till his last drops,
he showed his love,
and gave what i have
on the cross he saved me.
from the time he was proven,
to the judges him not shaken,
the truth was his shield,
and love his sword.
for him i am not a coward!
on the cross he saved me.

by Antonio Williams

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Thanks Dr. for your comment. Everyone surely has a unique mission to accomplish. So looking at Jesus on the cross, we also can make it.
the truth was his shield, and love his sword. born for a purpose, the very first verse attracted me..... born for a purpose........ yes jesus fulfilled his purpose of life by dying on the cross.. if we also live for a purpose it would be fine...... it should be a noble purpose for which we live and die....... vry fine poem. God bless u. tony
thanks Ryson for time to read my poem!
it can be used synonymously and it would be great too! thanks Sumit Ganguly for your comment.
Perhaps 'i' is a synonym for ' mankind? Nice poem.
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