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On The Danish Royal Visit

She is married to Prince Frederik of Denmark something of which most can only dream
But a princess by birth or inheritance is a princess or so it would seem
But I'm one who doesn't believe in royalty and about that I've always been frank
Since royalty stands for class distinction and I hate the snobbery of rank.

Mary Donaldson's holiday with her prince in her native Tasmania for a royal suite comes at five thousand dollars a night
To the hard working tax payers of Denmark about that there's nothing that's right
And that's just a part of the huge bill for their upkeep the taxpayers are obliged for to pay
Whilst thousands are dying of the hunger in Third World Countries today

The Australian Newspapers are full of the Danish Royal visit the royalists the media pander to
I do not even read such worthless stories it seems so much old ballyhoo
Of Frederik and Mary and Charles and Camilla us plain souls have had more than our fill
They get by far too much attention since the taxpayers pay their huge bill.

I've heard enough of these so called royal families by nature not royal but by name
The millions that are wasted on them to me seems a terrible shame
When millions of poor people are dying of hunger in the bigger World out there
They do not get Newspaper Headlines and too few for them seem to care.

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