On The Day My Father Died

Poem By samuel nze

On the day my father died
i should have been laughing
it was April fools
but the joke was too dear
usually it would be a quip
and we would roar
in bogus laughter
today it was an eternal slumber
and we had to hush hush
patrick would not
sing of old roger now
the lyric would sting
nicole would not play ball
no one would cheer
look at mama sitting
like the world has closed
soon her head will be shaved
and the accusers
will come to say
she killed her spouse
mama will then hold her breasts
like a horrified penitent
and in tears forcibly invited
say it was untrue
the mourners will cry bitterly
but when the food was ready
they would pause and
demand a chicken
before wailing louder
to show their despair
this April fools is dramatic
and even now i
am undecided
on whether i should still laugh
or cry my heart out

Comments about On The Day My Father Died

wonderful, brilliant and sincere
So sad! ! I will think of you and your father this April Fools Day (tomorrow) . Nicely written. Sincerely, Mary
I don't have the right words - except - brilliant poem!

3,5 out of 5
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