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On The Day Our Mother Died

For our family such a tearful day to say different would be a lie
In a Cork hospital our mum was dying her wish was to come home to die
But in the family car she did not make it home as she died on the way
We all grow old with memories of our life's saddest day

Though she had not been well for years and had suffered her own share
Poor dad he was a shattered man the grief hard on him to bear
In the cemetery by Cashman's Hill in the same grave their remains lay
And only memories of the past are left with us to stay

Though the cancer eat away her lungs and caused her years of pain
Mum she did battle on for life and never did complain
She fought for life till the very end and with bravery death did face
When a mother leaves the family there is none to take her place

We thought that she might beat the cancer but thought had proved us wrong
Though perhaps for her a happy day as she had suffered for far too long
On a cold February day in nineteen sixty six as i remember well
We heard for mum in Millstreet Town her final farewell bell

No matter what we achieve in life our life's journey does end
And we grieve for the loss of a family member and the loss of a friend
A cold wind blew from Clara Hill across the countryside
When in the family car from Cork our mother Mary Agnes died,

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