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On The Day That Brandy Died

A cold wind from the mountains blew across the bare countryside
And behind the low gray clouds of rain the sun in permanence did hide
Old Brandy she was dying our brown companion dog
She never more would chase a hare in Jack the Master's bog

Clara cloaked in the fogs of rain hidden from the naked eye
Since that bleak early December day near six decades gone by
In the backyard shed on her bed of straw she drew her life's final breath
Our companion dog we loved for many years we grieved for her in her death

That sad memory from years ago today remains in me
We buried her in the backyard by the crab apple tree
Old Brandy our companion dog in courage and fidelity did not lack
We wept as we placed her in her grave in a gray hessian sack

In life there is joy and sadness that fact with us does remain
And the sad and joyful memories of the past till death we do retain
I recall the cold wind soughed in the naked trees in the bleak countryside
Near sixty years ago in time on the day that Brandy died.

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