On The Death Of A Child - For Tara

Words cannot change what happened
Words cannot heal the hurt
and yet there is comfort
in your words:

He was perfect
He was smiling

by Alison Cassidy

Comments (12)

I'm completely ignorant of this tragedy but I see enough to deduce that that is what it was, it is. Communication can be such a struggle at such times but often it is truly the effort, the thought, the knowing that one cares, that can give some solace. Hopefully with the passage of time the many good memories are eclipsing the bad.
Lovely piece that you've written for Tara...you summed it all up for us in the last two lines, quite beautifully. Hugs, Dee
Very moving, Allie. It's hard to know what to say when something like this happens but you have chosen the right words.....and they have brought positivity and comfort, I'm sure. A sensitive but perfect write. Love, Fran xxx
Some things happen that we cannot explain or seem to have an expression for, and yet you seem to have caught something here that helps with the situation Well done again Love duncan X
Very great Alison! You opened your heart to a friend and it's painful.
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