Dreams, Penetrate Into My Soul

dreams, u are my soul
i live in the hope of u
Penetrate in to my mind
create an imaginary world

by anu issac

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That was awesome
A great meaningful poem about death of a young lady of five years age.From start to end it is worthy and meaningful remembering the reader the inevitable death and its different faces and also how to suffer the feelings. I respect the poet and likes the poem.
Indeed there is no point in moaning for the departed soul from this temporary abode to permanent abode! The poet has wonderfully listed points to console the grieving mother advising her to seek heaven to meet her daughter to be permanently with her!
I think she is wrong in her psychology. To weep for the loss of a child is normal and in the long run healthy. When people leave each other they weep, it is as simple as that. I wonder if PW wept for the loss of her two children. PW is coming close to saying that weeping for the loss of a child is against God's ordinance. To lose a child is like receiving a wound - it will heal, but you cannot help weeping for it.
There is more here to the eye than modern dissection... With racism today even more deadly than that which she endured.. Many of her formative years..were without doubt traumatic.. and what is today known of the damage..to the mind is of course without question..learning in the manner in which she did...speaks more than just to.. the core of strength she most obviously possessed..education acquired.. and her bearing being such..that she was introduced...to those whom discerned again as much...no not even that....but more...and that manner of speech... undoubtedly but sadly...lost forever...and in such a short time...put her short life against her male counterparts...would they have over come..and still be here to be read about...let us hope so...for what crushes most...he himself keeps close... for the rest...to become the best....
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