(1753 – 5 December 1784 / Gambia)

The Mistake Of Your Ways

Nonething of god shall stay
All the crosses and holy accesories will cease to display
so many of these god worshiping fools will end the prays
oh so many fools will stray from the holyness and light of the day
so that they may see the pointlessness of their ways

(this was not specifically made towards religious people and isint intened to target those people, this pattern of the poem {A, A, A, A, A}
i got from a poem in my english book one day in class) §

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Gorgeous poem to read! A stong topic I sorrowfully understand
That was awesome
A great meaningful poem about death of a young lady of five years age.From start to end it is worthy and meaningful remembering the reader the inevitable death and its different faces and also how to suffer the feelings. I respect the poet and likes the poem.
Indeed there is no point in moaning for the departed soul from this temporary abode to permanent abode! The poet has wonderfully listed points to console the grieving mother advising her to seek heaven to meet her daughter to be permanently with her!
I think she is wrong in her psychology. To weep for the loss of a child is normal and in the long run healthy. When people leave each other they weep, it is as simple as that. I wonder if PW wept for the loss of her two children. PW is coming close to saying that weeping for the loss of a child is against God's ordinance. To lose a child is like receiving a wound - it will heal, but you cannot help weeping for it.
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