Turnstile Heart Station

I have a turnstile heart-pay the price and become a part
Like the train- it has many stops you see.
And if the price is right, it could be between you and me.

But most, just like to take the ride
And they wave as they pass me by.
Some will stop to talk awhile
Others will laugh and give a smile.

Then I have the ones who want to share
Their pains, their hurts, and despairs.
This is called the lonely heart station
Where people look in fascination.

You have some pains- don’t be shy
Drop them off as you’re flying by.
This heart has seen so much pain
That they take it as a game.

So pay the price or make your bet
For it gets better yet.

I have a special two for one
I have the bullet, you have the gun.

by louis rams

Comments (8)

Sounds like a cry for doctor assisted suiced. Must have been a horrible death. I've witnessed a few of those, and are glad the suffering for all concerned ends. Ugh.
A sad goodbye for her sister. I think most of us would give our own lives to save that of a loved one, as she said she would do. Makes my heart ache.
Nice poem with the tones of hope and utter surrender.
To see someone you would have given your life to save parting to eternity is something traumatizing and emotionally painful. Something we wish it doesn't happen in our life time but does. Nice Poem.
Death is ultimate, live life fully till death takes us apart..........
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