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On The Death Of Charlie Brown
FD Francis Duggan ( / )

On The Death Of Charlie Brown

Of Summer, Ella, Shane and Lisa his human family the pride
Charlie Brown the golden labrador of snakebite toxin has died
Their dog grieved by the family for them such a sad day
Life has it's joys and sorrows but it has always been this way

Charlie Brown was a grand old dog not hard to please at all
Content with a few pats and a good feed every day his needs in life were small
At seven years of age deceased for a dog to die that's young
Good deceased dogs like good people their praises ought to be sung

A devoted friend of the Gibson family devoted friends in life are rare
Life has it's share of crosses some of them heavy to bear
In the Gibson household the tears of loss are shed
For their faithful till death labrador who lay in his earthy bed

The Gibsons grieve for a true friend devoted Charlie Brown
Your canine is your friend for life one who never lets you down
From life for poor old Charlie it was a painful release
But that all now behind him and may he rest in peace.

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