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On The Death Of 'Flo Jo'

Arguably the greatest woman athlete ever
The story of her greatness has been told
'Flo Jo' the former World champion sprinter
And Flo Jo the winner of Olympic Gold,
Flo Jo whose name will live in sporting history
She will be recalled as a sporting great
And yet she did not live to reach an old age
She died as she slept in bed at thirty eight.

'Twas rumoured her death was due to performance enhancers
But of such the coroner did not find a trace
On merit alone she won her gold medals
And Flo Jo always ran a drug free race,
In Seoul Korea she proved herself a champion
A tall dark beauty with long hair flowing and black
She raced to all her victories like a gazelle
Flo Jo the queen of the Olympic track.

It's sad to think that she is gone forever
But such good memories of her will remain
She was a marvel 'Florence Griffith Joyner'
And will we ever see her likes again?
Her long painted finger nails and her prominent eyelashes
In track and field she was the fashion queen,
She raced to glory in her stylish costumes
And on her day the great one reigned supreme.

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