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On The Death Of Osama Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden did seal his own fate
But in his assassination what is to celebrate
Since terrorism as we know it in the World will live on
And as a terrorist mastermind his time had gone

Those who celebrate on the streets that Osama is dead
Might serve their Country far better instead
Of their public show of triumphalism if their silence they did keep
It cannot be applied to their kind that quiet waters run deep

Sad to think that the name of Osama Bin Laden from history will not fade
'Tis from death under gunfire that martyrs are made
The celebrating mobs of the streets seem to fail to realize
That their public show of triumphalism to more acts of terrorism may well to give rise

It is not good against evil it is us against they
That is shaping the Human World that we live in today
In wars and retaliatory acts of terrorism far too many have died
And the excuse used for extreme violence is we have God on our side

In his life to humanity Osama Bin Laden was never a friend
But at his death war and terrorism in the World will not come to an end
Two wrongs never make a right as the wise one did say
With those words i agree since i think in this way.

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