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On The Death Of Sam

That your dog is your best friend many would believe
For the loss of his dog Bruce Lowenthal does grieve
It is said that Sam died a victim of snakebite
He was brave to the end the brave west highland white

At memories of Sam, Bruce still reduced to tears
His faithful canine who had travelled in his truck with him for years
As an amiable fellow Sam had won his renown
As the favourite dog of Many in Port Fairy Town

Of courage Sam was never in need
He was a dog who was true to his breed
Cats climbed trees for safety when Sam was about
And many a big possum died in his mouth

But in Port Firy Town Sam was everyone's friend
And to his favourite human Bruce he was faithful to the end
But for his fearlessness and bravery with his life he did pay
And Bruce lost his best friend in such a tragic way

There will never be another dog in Port Fairy like Sam was again
In his lifetime a new human friend every day he did gain
And though for his best human friend and mentor Bruce his death was such a sad day
Dogs like humans born to die in truth sad to say.

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