HC (1562-1613 / England)

A Dog Named Ruby

When Pam talks of her ridgeback Ruby there's a sad look on her face
For Ruby was a special dog and none could take her place
She offered her protection and she was a trusting friend
But nothing lasts forever there has to be an end.

The pup she now has Bethany not like Ruby she say
She doesn't seem to have much sense she yap and yap all day
And with that silly Jedder dog she romps around and play
She will try to sell her if she can and if not give her away.

She talks with a great sadness of the day she had Ruby put down
She had gray around the muzzle and gray through her coat of brown
She had to have her put to sleep 'twas hard to say goodbye
But she still has memories of her dog and good memories never die.

She likes to tell the story on deserted beach she lay
On a bright and sunny afternoon a near to perfect day
She was harassed by a jogger and such foul things he did say
But one deep growl from Ruby and he was on his way.

If it had not been for Ruby what might have happened then?
As he looked a real meanie one of the vilest men
But she came to Pam's rescue she growled and bared her teeth
And her would be assailant beat a hasty retreat.

Pam had to have her put to sleep for to save her further pain
But memories of her marvellous dog with her will long remain
The female ridgeback Ruby her loyal protective friend
But nothing lasts forever there has to be an end.

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