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On The Derrinagree Post Office Closure

Time brings with it changes is how it seems to be
The Post Office run for sixty four years by Christina O Connell has closed in Derrinagree
Another chapter in Duhallow's history has come to a close
That time is the instigator of change one would have to suppose

On the Bernard Crowley interviewing of Donie Lucey on the Post Office closure on Millstreet L T V
They talked of another chapter closure in Duhallow's history
In the twenty first century of places that have escaped change not any i could name
That the changes keep on happening has always been the same

Yes the changes keep on happening and one might say quite fast
And only the memories remain of the past
Another chapter has closed on Derrinagree's history's page
But then we are in the prime of the technological age

The Post Office Christina O Connell has worked in since her physical prime
She has turned the key on the lock for the very last time
To sixty four years of service to the Derrinagree community she did remain true
She was loyal to her calling in life for to give her what is only her due

The Derrinagree Post Office is now history
One more small business in Duhallow confined to memory
And Donie Lucey has his memories of the what used to be
Of when he was younger in old Derrinagree.

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